Sunday, February 26, 2012

The war has ended, Change is inevitable

So we recently received a briefing regarding the new changes that are coming for AR 670-1 and the new NCOER  Below is a summary of some of the major changes we are anticipating.  Again, these changes are not currently in affect.


Many changes are coming to the new NCOER. Final product is projected to be complete by April. The time line for implementation following that has not been established.

  • New NCOER will be aligned with the new leadership doctrine (ADRP 6-22) and designed to prevent inflation.
  • The new NCOER will be designed to generate proper counseling. The new regulation will require the senior rater to conduct counseling at least twice during the rating period as well as inspect the rater’s quarterly counseling.
  • Rater will be limited to two blocks on each of the rated areas (“success or needs improvement” or something to that effect, exact terminology was not decided upon during the BOD). This will replace the old choices of “excellence, success, needs improvement (some), and needs improvement (much).
  • The NCOER will be the same for E-5 thru E-8, but the board recommended a different form for E-9. The E-9 form will include recommendations from the senior rater on whether the CSM/SGM should compete for increased positions of responsibility and at what level. The exact format was not determined by the board; this will be completed by the working group.
  • The Board recommended that the senior rater should “quantify” or “rank” the rated individual against his/her peers. Exact procedures on how this will be done are still being worked. 


  • The Board voted to add the APFT and Height /Weight test back into all NCOES and some other schools.
  • Both the APFT and the Height/Weight will be a graduation requirement.
  • Individuals who fail to successfully pass the APFT or meet the standards outlined in AR 600-9 will fail to meet course standards and will subsequently fail the course. The individuals’ 1059 will reflect failure.
  • No more marginal 1059’s, every Soldier that starts the course will be enrolled. If a Soldier fails to meet any course standard the 1059 will reflect this failure. No more “turn-aways” prior to the start of the course.
  • The Board recommended that some form of reprimand should be given to the chain of command of any Soldiers that reports to school and fails to meet APFT and/or HT/WT. Officers and NCO’s that sign the commanders checklist should be held accountable. This is pending legal review.
  • The Board recommended that the regulation should be changed to require units to update APFT and HT/WT data within E-MILPO on a regular basis. No requirement currently exists.

AR 670-1 update

Many changes are coming to AR 670-1. This is just a summary of some of them. 

  • New revision of the regulation will define the following terms; eccentric, faddish, conservative, inconspicuous, unsightly, hair braids/plaits.
  • AR 670-1 will be a punitive order in the future.
  • Sideburns will not extend below the top of the ear.
  • Soldier will be clean shaven on and off duty.
  • Female and male hair grooming standards will become more restrictive and better defined.
  • Females will be allowed to put their hair into a pony tail during PT.
  • Males will be prohibited from wearing cosmetics to include nail polish, females may wear cosmetics conservatively, but can only wear nail polish in service, mess or dress uniforms.
  • Females fingernail length will not exceed ¼ in, no fake nails, add-ons, or extensions will be authorized.
  • Tattoos will not be visible above the neck line when the IPFU is worn.
  • Tattoos will not extend below the wrist line and not on the hands. Sleeve tattoos will be prohibited (this one will be grandfathered).
  • Soldiers will not walk while engaged in activities that require the hand salute. (eating, cell phone use, etc…) -ACUs will not be commercially pressed; hand ironing of the ACU (UCP) only will be authorized.
  • Bags worn over the shoulder will only be black or ACU without logos.
  • The new regulation will specify civilian clothes standards both on and off duty and both on and off post.
  • No visible body piercings on or off duty and on or off post, males will never wear earrings. Ear gauging will be unauthorized.
  • No dental ornamentation will be authorized.

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