Friday, June 20, 2014

Releasing that one thing

Joining the Five Minute Friday folks with Lisa Jo Baker for 5 minutes of unedited, raw writing.  Today's word is...
Such a difficult concept to grasp. Why can't it be as easy as it sounds? Releasing that one thing...
Maybe for you that one thing is-
worrying about his future
controlling the kids behavior
anxiety about the presentation
anger at his revealed secret
envy of her good fortune
hate for his poor choice
disappointment in yourself
guilt for that last purchase
the mistake he made
the mistake you made
the lego you just stepped on...again
the inability to release
"Just let it go," they all say.
"Stop letting it hold you back."
"Release it to Him".
It's just not that easy.

"Yes it is," they argue.
I know it is. The bible tells me so.

I believe in Him. Don't I?
I trust Him.  Don't I?
But, I still struggle.  I still can't let it go.
If I really believed and I really trusted,  shouldn't I be able to just...
release it?
I am not alone.  He knew I would struggle with releasing my one thing. He forged ahead, struggling for me. He is by my side as I muddle my way through. He applauds my mini-victories- when I do  release it, even if it's for only a moment.
Every moment focused on him is a moment of release, and those moments count.  He released His spirit in hopes that I would release that one thing. He knew I would forsake Him by not releasing it. He forgives me, so I need to forgive me.
When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and released his spirit. John 19:30 NLT


  1. Thanks for this reminder. I needed it today. It's so easy to become caught up in trying to release the unwelcome thing. So hard to just let focus on Christ and let Him take it out of my clasped fist. But the moments of looking at Him are moments of release. You remind me, the unwelcome need not be gone all at once. I can wait on His "fullness of time."

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday. Thanks again.

  2. My FMF post was also about that internal struggle that I have to fully release myself to God and trust myself to be making the right choice in fully trusting Him. While I am a believer in Christ I still struggle and I wonder if it is enough. Yet, He died on the cross so that I might be saved. When I prayed Him into my heart, He and I created a covenant, one that says that no matter how far or fast I fall away He is there, picking me up, broken shards and all and I am His child, even on the days I don't think i deserve it, even on the days where i don't want to be. I am His. You write wonderfully Michelle, keep at it, you have a wonderful story and it should be shared! God bless you and yours! ((hugs))

  3. releasing things and letting God take them is such an easy thing to say but seemingly quite impossible to do many times depending on the sort of helps if their is something tangible you can do to act that release in anger finding some kind of joy or in times of lean finding something you can do to give to someone else...or in times of fear doing one daring fear defying thing....i witnessed my husband do something like that recently :) i was proud for the faith i saw birthed in his practical application